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The Ultimate Camper for the Ultimate Outdoorsmen

What happens when you take enthusiasm for the outdoors, the predisposition to problem solve and combine it with the ability to engineer, manufacture and create such items as Luxury Motor Yachts?

Something AMAZING!

It takes nothing more than a quick look to see this is a different vehicle from any in the market today. Adak is not for everyone. You have heard, “If you can’t run with the Big Dogs stay on the porch.” Adak is the Big Dog in adventure/overland trailers. We don’t follow anyone, you don’t have too either. So get off the beaten path and join the Adak Campfire Consortium today. ADAK Trailers.

Adak Adventure Trailer Applications

For more information on applications and how the Adak Adventure Trailer may be used please click here.

Exterior/Construction Information

For more information on construction and exterior please click here.

Video – Why We Hunt

Thanks to our friends at Sitka Gear for once again putting into pictures what we cannot describe. This is why we build ADAK trailers...

Be sure to visit our YouTube channel to view all of our videos.